Saturday, September 3, 2016

Do any of you reader have a good, quality sour mash recipe?

I just read where the President used an executive order to make small time gunsmiths get a manufacturing license to simple do small gun repairs.

This means that some guy that does part time work in his garage has to cough up the same way Remington, Winchester and Colt do in order for him to stay in business.

Of course the law is pretty much being flouted. If I were a smith I would.

This is driving me to the conclusion that obeying the law is for suckers. Why bother? As soon as you become compliant with one law they stick it to you with another.

Of course, not too many people actually bother to obey many of these laws. A classic example of this is the law against the use of marijuana which has been broken by so many for so long that it is now slowly but surely getting legalized.

Why bother obeying every little piddly thing that comes down the pike if our lawmakers don’t. I think the next time I get stopped for a traffic infraction I’m just going to give the cop an annoyed look and say, “But Hillary, Man” and see what happens. (Probably scribble, scribble. Sign here.)

It doesn’t really make sense when congress critters can insider trade or have their spouses the recipients of federal contracts worth millions and we pay for it.

I figure that being a law abiding citizen is a waste of time. While I do not intend to do anything criminal, I am going back to being an outlaw.

I think it is time for me to commit one of the first truly American crimes I can think of. Of course, like pre-revolution Americans it is going to be tax evasion. I am considering making untaxed whiskey.  Why not?

It is pretty victimless and really not criminal in that there are no victims. I’m not going to rob some poor slob out of his paycheck or mug an old woman and steal her Social Security check.

I’m just going to run a couple of batches of corn squeezin’s through a pot still into an oak barrel and stash it for a couple of years and see what I get.
I know just the place where I can do this and I’ve run it past a couple people that I can trust to be lookouts through the distilling process.

Now this isn’t some kind of horrible crime, but it is patently illegal. So what? Our leadership is criminal so we are no longer a country ruled by laws, but by criminals. Those people are actually true criminals in that they steal from all of us.

All I want to do is make a batch of O-B-Joyful. While that is illegal as hell, it really isn’t much of a crime. Making a batch won’t make me a criminal but it will mean I am an outlaw which isn’t anything new. I have pretty much been one all my life. To quote Hillary, ''What difference will it make?"

Right now I need a good recipe for a good all corn sour mash and to whip up a small pot still.

Oh, yeah. One other thing.

Does anyone out there that knows how to play the banjo?

Banjo music in the background is a MUST for any All-American moonshiner.

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