Thursday, September 29, 2016

I have just heard where the NAACP

 has just said that a black man that is a cop isn't a real black man.

Truth of the matter is that an Old School sailor like me that sails with anyone knows that Dr. king was right. There's just one race and that's the human race.

But I guess some people think that color makes some sort of difference. It doesn't.

Anyway, I used to have a lot of respect for the NAACP. They used to do wonderful things. Not these days.

These days the NAACP seems to be sticking up for thuggery. Part of the proof positive is that they have said that black policemen are not real black men.

If you are an honest, decent policeman of ANY color that is doing his job than as far as I am concerned you can claim the human race as yours and carry it with pride. I'm a part of the human race and I'll be glad to have you looking out for me.

Furthermore, I have your back.

You can have a swig out of my beer bottle any time you want. I'll gladly share it with you.

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  1. The NAACP is right actually Pic.

    Someone so stand-up and honorable as to take an oath of office, not to mention the hundreds of hours of training & testing, and becomes a cop simply cannot be a "peon nigger from the hood" anymore.

    That is until a bunch of these former hood types get together and alcohol is involved. Amazing how the jive-hood talk and swagger returns.

    Luckily this revisionism is mostly nostalgia and they remain men in blue, rather than going back.

    Wish observations of women escaping from the hood was as positive, as a good number can't seem to shake the idea that sex is a bartering tool, and are too often compromised as a result.

    This stuff is weird to watch when they revert, but then perhaps who doesn't sometimes revert?

    While I agree with your sentiments on the honor and respect and fellowship, I also think the NAACP is right too, that to be a real cop a black man can't remain one of their niggers.

    (Sorry if the words jar, but there are no more accurate labels for the phases of the American black.)

  2. Interesting take.

    FWIW any good cop of any color that feels disenfranchised because he has been kicked out of his race can drink out of my canteen anytime.

    IDGAF what color a man is.

    1. Oh, yeah. The NAACP went down the tubes years ago. I remember when it was a truly noble organization.

      It's sad.