Monday, September 12, 2016

Left to my own devices

 I am generally a rough, crude, primitive kind of cook.

People that watch me cook go one of either two ways.

They either grin and salivate in anticipation of a simple, tasty meal or they cringe in fear of what’s going to come out of the mess they see on the stove. I seldom if ever get complaints.

I am not fancy and look at a kitchen a lot differently than most women do. A kitchen is nothing more or less than a workshop for food to be prepared. It should be fairly clean and utile.

Food is nourishment and should be wholesome and tasty.
However, I think that people play with it too much during preparation or try and make something into something that it isn’t.

To me, for example, a steak is a steak and it is as simple as that. I like mine burned on the outside and blood rare on the inside. Cooking one is a simple process. Trying to do too much to it and play with it detracts from the primitive beauty and taste of meat that has had fire applied to it. 

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