Monday, September 5, 2016

Yesterday the guys did me a BIG favor.

Thank you.

I'm sure a lot went on that I don't know about. I am very grateful and I'll leave it at that.


If you are nosy about this and insist I am going to tell you that when I was running a load of moonshine the guys staged a car wreck to slow the revenuers down so I could get away.


I met another cool chick yesterday.

I have met two in about a week and have not met one prior to that for probably several years.

Cool chick status is something that is pretty hard to attain in my book. It has little to do with being particularly sexy and everything to do with attitude.

There are not a whole lot of them out there and when you meet one it is a joy. 

First of all a cool chick must be independent and able to take care of herself without feeling the need to latch onto some man. They must possess a marketable skill or be some sort of entrepreneur.

One of the two I have recently met got knocked up as a teenager and decided that she had best get her act wired high and tight. She was lucky in that her parents were helpful. She went to school, worked, raised her kid and is successful. She's in her 30s and is unmarried.

She's pretty sharp and commented on some of the local stay at home soccer moms that sit around and drink wine all day and want's nothing to do with that game. I can't say as I blame her. She's too independent. She'd rather be happy even if it means working and doing things herself. There'a an awful lot to be said for that.

As an aside here, I look at a number of suburban marriages as little more than a glorified form of prostitution. Marry some poor slob and spit out a couple of kids. As long as the comfortable lifestyle keeps coming, keep the old man happy in bed and support his career.

Once he's successful simply divorce him and take him to the cleaners. This sounds pretty cynical and crass but there really is a lot of that going around these days.

She's also classy and comfortable around men. That in itself is fairly rare. It should be carefully pointed out that this does NOT mean she is a 'one of the guys' type women. She's not. She is simply a woman that is comfortable around men. Not too many women really are.

The other cool chick I met was tending bar in a male enclave but is a legal professional. I think she's tending bar there to practice her litigation skills because she seems to enjoy the banter.

She's been in a stable relationship for almost two decades and does not want to marry. 

One thing neat about cool chicks is that they are not for sale. Unlike many women who shop around for the best deal in husbands, a cool chick will pretty much set her own independent standards for what she wants in a guy. Generally speaking, it's not necessarily a big income. After all, she has her own money even if it's simply a good job.

There is one thing a cool chick has to have to attain the status and that she has to be successful. This does not necessarily mean rich. It means she can reasonably take care of herself.

I know one cool chick that married a few years back and it was interesting. She is a business professional with a pretty hefty income and married a small time contractor. She's got a degree, he doesn't yet he's no slouch, either. He stays pretty busy and does OK.

I used to drop in on them once in a blue moon and either as individuals or as a couple they were good people to spend a little time with. 

Before they moved I met her at the supermarket and she invited me over for coffee. She wanted to pick my brain about (of all things!) Oriental rugs. Their home was in a New England-ish motif and the place they were moving to was pretty close to being identical.

If I recall, I steered her toward a used, slightly worn one as opposed to getting one new. A worn one would have the look of casual elegance with the rest of their stuff they had. Most of their stuff was comfortably worn.

I don't know what they saw in each other and I don't care. It's none of my business but I do know that they are both quite secure in their relationship. Unfortunately they have moved but the last I heard they are still together and doing well.

When I mentioned earlier that these women are comfortable around men this does not mean they are promiscuous. Most of them have platonic relationships with a few men they share interests with. Just because you have entered their life does not mean that everything is going to immediately change.

You are very likely to come home to find her sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and chatting or maybe doing something. It's normal.

You have to stop and think for a second. Most likely the two of them have known each other longer than she has known you. If they haven't gotten together by now there's probably a pretty good reason. Most likely the physical chemistry didn't click but they recognized common interests in one another.

I recall one situation I was in years ago. I was sitting at the kitchen table of one woman taking a bilge pump apart. (She had an old plastic tablecloth she kept for gala festivities such as this.)

Her husband walked in. "Hi, honey, Hey, Pic," he said. He looked at the project and laughed. "She's pretty good with those. I don't know why, but she can put that little clip in better than I can."

Then he thought for a moment. " I got rid of mine last year," he said. "There's a rebuild kit in the shop you can have. Top shelf on the right, blue box" He turned to his wife. "I'll be home about six," he said and left the house to go back to do whatever he was doing.

The pump serviced me for years of service. 

Anyway, what cool chicks are really when you get down to it are simply comfortable, intelligent, well adjusted women.

It is a rare commodity.

Anyway, I'm tired of writing this morning and have to get back into things. 

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