Saturday, September 17, 2016

I see where as usual the black community for the most part tends to vote straight Democrat.

I also see where a man named Gianno Caldwell said recently, "Black lives don't matter to Hillary Clinton. Black votes matter to Hillary Clinton."

It is likely the truth because Hillary doesn't like little people to begin with. You can see it in her. However I am not going to blame Hillary for the attitude because Democratic candidates have felt that way for generations.

FDR actually started it with the welfare programs of the 30s. I suppose with the nation on its ass he felt he had to do something. What he failed to do is to put a sunset on it. 

The LBJ war on poverty really put things in gear. While the Civil rights bill needed signing, he didn't do it as a friend of the black community. He did it entirely for votes. He was quoted as saying "When I sign this bill, we'll have those ni&&ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

Some friend of the black community he was. His War on Poverty programs destroyed an awful lot of American families and hit the black community the hardest.

It was done for votes and has plagued us since.

The problem with democracies is that the government starts bribing people with their own money. We see this a lot these days. 

A classic example is the Obamaphone. It is a 'free' cell phone given out to just about anyone that is on any kind of relief or government subsidy, including Social Security.

"Hey! President Jug Ears gave me a FREE PHONE! I'm voting for him next time!"

First of all it is not free. It is being paid for by the collapsing middle class in the form of increased taxes. 

Of course that sounds all well and good until you see what the person accepting the freebie has done to themselves. They have in effect sold their birthright for a cheap government freebie. It has cost them their vote for fear the freebie will go away. It has cost them their independence, their dignity and their self worth.

For what? For a cheap telephone they could have bought for themselves for under $20. Now they are in effect slaves to the Donor party.

Sounds like a pretty cheap sell-off to me.

When you couple the welfare system that encouraged unmarried pregnancies and a system that leaves men off the hook, Section 8 housing, low or no cost health insurance then the recipients become instantly dependent on the government because it leaves the individual responsible for nothing except for maybe wiping his own butt...if that. 

This has, of course, hit the black community a lot harder than the white community, at least percentage wise. Still, there are no shortage of whites in this boat.

The next step, of course, is to divide us. With the White House inviting the BLM people and AL Sharpton into it and carrying on about how they are doing a wonderful job. This certainly increased the divisiveness between the races.

In the past eight years of the Obama reign race relations have gone to pot. We have been set back decades and a lot of the work done by Dr. King and others is on the verge of completely unraveling.

There is a sharp decrease in the 'There's one race and that's the human race' attitude. Some blacks are demanding self-segregation. It's kind of a Jim Crow in reverse. No. No way in hell! Sorry, you're stuck with us...that is unless you are willing to forego government assistance. Then if you can afford it you do what you want.

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