Thursday, September 15, 2016

I have a pretty good collection of fedora

s and am seldom seen out of the house without one on. All of them are old school with a 2 1/2 inch brim. I despise the thin brimmed fedoras the hipsters wear.

Someone the other day asked me about them. They said that they never saw me without one and casually asked me about how many I have. I have about twenty.

The one I was wearing at the time is Kelly Green and instead of felt it is made of layers of wool sewn together. It is the nicest of the lot. I had it made for me in Poland and the price was right. 

The woman was a banker I was doing business with and she asked me if there was any special significance in colors and styles.

I told her the mint green was for quiet times, the camel colored one was for dress-up with my camel overcoat.

I explained that the fuschia hat went with my zoot suit and that the hats that were part of the Godfather collection were for just about anything where I wanted to look somewhat Italian.

I have a brown one for the Indiana Jones look which is generally used for swashbuckling.

Then I told her that I had a grey and a brown one from the James Cagney/Humpfrey Bogart collection. The brown one is worn to bump someone off and the grey one is supposed to be used for robbing banks, according to the old black and white movie guide.

She laughed and said she'd keep an eye out for the grey one. I told her not to worry as it makes no sense to rob a bank you keep your own money in and she grinned.

Truth is it's all a crock but relly not too bad for coming off of the top of my head.

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