Thursday, November 10, 2016

Best election EVER!

One thing about this election that has been sadly overlooked is Melania Trump, Donald's wife.
I do believe she deserves an award for grace under fire. She is without a doubt one of the classiset women I have ever seen. 

She accompanied her husband through the entire election and did a remarkable job of being everything a First Lady should be.

She was dragged through all of the disgraceful, disgusting filth and raw sewage the Washington, the media and the Clinton machine could produce and never for a nanosecond stopped smelling like a rose.

She's an immigrant and speaks several languages and is a wonderful example of an American success story. We should be grateful as hell to have her as a First Lady and I know she will never let us down.

On behalf of Piccolo's Hash and any interested readers, I award her the Woman of the Year award or grace under fire.


In other news, we owe the Amish.

The Amish almost never vote. The only time they vote is when there is something on the ballot that directly effects them.

This year the Amish decided that there were a few issues they felt needed addressing. They hopped into their buggies and went to the polls in droves.

I do believe they were the final force that tipped PA. While they may or may not quite have tipped it, they sure helped nail it down and create a solid, unquestionable majority.


Speak of hopping into buggies and that sort of thing, this election fired up a lot of people that have been sitting on the sidelines for decades.

I have run into a couple of people about my age that registered and voted for the first time in their lives. They came out to support Trump.

This election brought a lot of people out of the woodwork I have never seen at the polls before. It was like one of those old movies where the entire town grab torches and pirchforks and charge after the monster.

I think it was good for the older guys to finally get involved. Nothing like the opportunity to drain the swamp to clan the liver out.
Some wag just said that the election was planned on 'The Simpsons' about 10 or 15 years ago.

Apparently there was an episode where Donald Trump ran for president. 

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  1. Word is the Coptic Christians in Michigan and Florida played a big role, turning out in force to vote for Trump. These are a people who have been specifically oppressed by the Imposture in the Whitehouse.

    And those Amish and Brethren did a fine job. In places I hear volunteers picked them up and took them to vote. Well done!

    It is a great new world a coming!