Sunday, November 13, 2016

The next step is getting Trump through the electoral college.

This game ain't over. I see a stench coming through the air led by George Soros. My guess is he's going to try and buy the EC off. Hopefully he fails.

I do believe he is behind the present rioting going on in our cities. He has quite the reputation for controlling things from afar. He's another one that is a hidden tyrant.

Frankly I wish someone would tip off the Russians the next time his private jet is in the air so they could force it or shoot it down. Either/or. Their choice. I don't care.

He's part of the reason I support Trump. Trump knows we are being run by outside influences and hopefully dealing with people like him is a part of draining the swamp. If he wants the CIA to do something to him and people like him that would be fine by me.

Still, I would rather see him hauled into court and spend the rest of his days in super max, in the general prison population where he belongs.

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