Monday, November 7, 2016

SOmeone else wrote this post and permitted me to use it.

It sure tells it like it is.

A warm 'thank you' to the author.


Where this whole thing is now is pretty much a victory in my mind. 

We will be stuck with an even more vanilla centrist then McCain and Romney. 
Trump won't run. 
Trump won't do shit in the rep debates 
It is Jebs turn 
Trump will drop out any day now. 
Trump doesn't stand a chance against Hillary. 
You can't say politically incorrect things, you have to go along to get along. 
You have to have a billion dollars in campaign funds to compete. 

She has a billion dollar war chest, the support of every internet company, Wall street, Hollywood, the press, the music industry and the tacit support of most RINOs and #nevertrumpers. 

We have some hackers, dank meme makers, a lightning witted gay brit, some moody loner assault rifle enthusiasts and a metric shit ton of fed up, beat up and generally pissed the fuck off Americans. 

And yet here we are, neck and neck with the epitome of career politician. 

Win or lose, I can't say this wasn't the futhermucker of all battles.

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