Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I am getting sick and tired of the people out there making fun or insulting people

 that do not have a college degree. It is getting old.

A number of the detractors are teachers which to me is a joke. The best teacher I ever had never  finished high school. He took me as a kid off the street and turned me into a pretty good soldier in about 13 weeks.

Ovet the years some of the best medical people I have ever had work on me have had only a high school background. Some not even that. The services produce pretty good practical medics. One of them performed surgery on me and you would not know it. I mentioned it to a doctor during a physical a while ago and he admitted he couldn't find much of the scar.

The guys that turned me into an adequate entry level surveyor only had high school educations. Survey school was mainly spherical triangulation and astronomy. Both of these are subjects that liberal arts majors have no clue of.

I personally got my seafaring education at Hawsepipe University and am still attending. My degree hangs on the wall in the form of a license that says: To United States Merchant Marine Officer.

The only schools that have that issued are the maritime academies. You don't get that one at U.Mass or Harvard or anywhere else.

A friend of mine has a different but similar form of a degree. It is a state license as a master plumber. It took him several years of apprenticeship and work in the trade to be able to test for this.

Both of us do a lot better than an awful lot of degree holders. Both of us are also a lot better informed than a lot of degree holders. Both of us did this with nothing more than high school and motivation.

I have always wanted to take one of these snobs on board and hand the rig I run over to them and simply tell them to discharge the cargo. It would be rather amusing to see the look on their faces when they were confronted my the task. It also might open their eyes a bit to the fact that a guy with high school can run such a piece of equipment with so much ease.

I have served with people that have degrees from King's Point and guys that never finished grammar school. The water is a great equalizer and there is simply no telling who is going to succeed or not. It is not about degrees or formal education out here. It's strictly about performance.

I have seen people on both ends fail. I have see people on both ends succeed. I have seen people stunned and say..."But...but...He's a King's Pointer! How come he screwed up?"

It's simple. He just could not do the job.

I do have to admit that the academy guys do have a better foundation to work with, but the fact still remains you have to do the job.

Life can be an education. It should be. Formal education is a good thing to have and I support it stronly. On the other hand I feel one should have a plan. What does one expect to get out of this institution of further learning?

What irks the holy hell out of me is people calling those of us that do not have a degree uneducated people.

There are farmers out there that grow the very source of our lives. They make food. They plant crops, raise animals, work the soil and make the very essence of our Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Yet those in power seem to forget that and insult them and call them uneducated. Not a whole lot of them can raise animals or grow things to eat.

Having learned to do this is an education in itself. 

There are a lot of highly educated people out there that don't have degrees.

So where do these uppity big shots and politicians get off telling everyone that the people of, for example Ohio are uneducated?

Maybe the working guys are educated in practical matters and decided that they were tired of being insulted. I'll bet that has a lot to do with the change in America that just happened.

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