Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Good link and a sea story of sorts

Voter fraud, anyone?


It's a damned good read.

You don't say!

I am a seaman as I have said before and one of the things I see out here are dissolved relationships. It's a pretty regular thing.

I see a lot of stupidity when a marriage goes sour. More often than not the guy flips out and panics. He knows he is going to need money and starts working over. He'll work over 300 days a year instead of his usual 180 or so.  It's a trap.

When everything is done and over with and the judge's gavel goes down he is paying child support, alimony and whatever based on his income from working 300 days a year. When that happens he's screwed. He now has to work over unlesss he is willing to live under a bridge.

I've told dozens of guys not to work over and why they shouldn't but nobody listens. When they gripe to me I tell them it's their own damned fault for being stupid.

The other thing I see out here is occasionally a guy thinks he has no responsibilities when he leaves a wife an kid behind.

I knew one guy that didn't leave his soon to be ex and child nothing. He just left and found a place to live and started chasing women. Not only that he was stupid about it.

When he finally went to court he brought his new girlfriend along. She was downright hot and dressed like a little sex kitten with a short skirt, sexy heels and a huge pair of boobs pouring out of a skimpy top.

The soon to be ex showed up and apoliogized to the judge for bring the baby. The baby was clad in a clothe diaper that looked hand washed. His ex was wearing a tattered but clean sweater and an obvioulsy washed by hand and ironed skirt.

The judge told the Rinso Kid to stand up and saw Florsheim shoes, a $90 pair of slacks, a $75 tailored shirt, manicure and freshly styled hair.

When he looked at the financial end of things he took one look at the Rinso Kid and walloped him with one hell of a settlement and humongous child support.

I felt kind of bad for him when he told me what he was forced to pay until another one of the guys told me the whole story.

I shook my head. You can't fix stupid.

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