Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I saw a Facebook thread where a young woman is in the ICU room

 after being punched. She is in my prayers. No parents should have to bury their children.

That being said, I did ask for the entire story because it is fairly likely that this wasn't a case of some guy just walking up to her ahd tagging her. There is generally a reason of some sort. I'd like to know what it was.

A lot of people have this 'you don't hit a woman' attitude. That's not the way it goes. You don't hit a LADY. 

I have a friend that tagged a woman once and it cost him a lot of grief as the system is set up that womanhood is sacred. It isn't.

The woman pulled a knife on him. She decided to disgard her lady status and became an animal. When she came at him he managed to get the knife pushed aside and walloped her hard enough to make her drop it. He recovered the knife (disarming her) and as she recovered listened to her scream in outrage that she'd been hit.

The situation was now reasonably stable. She was disarmed and was no longer in attack mode. 

Of course, she retreated and called the police and played the aggrieved victim game and my friend spent the night in jail.(Charges were later dismissed)

I was dubious when I first heard the story for a second or two until I found out who the woman was. She had a history of getting drunk and doing things like that so the story was very credible. I'd seen this moonbat in action before.

The truth is that the guy should have had enough sense to realize this but I suppose he was thinking with the wrong head.

Still, the case is clear that the whole 'never hit a woman' thing that society has created is horse puckey. They have it wrong.

You never hit a lady.

When you start behaving like an animal and endangering people then you have lost your protection. 

The feminists that support equal rights always seem to forget that equal rights means equal responsibilities.

I am not going to enter the Facebook fray until I find out the entire story. 

If the little girl that got socked was behaving herself, then it is a case of her playing a stupid game and winning a stupid prize. If she was, in fact behaving herself then the guy is an animal and deserves to go to jail.

Update. The girl threw the first punch. My care-o-meter doesn't even blip.

Play stupid game, win stupid prizes.

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