Saturday, June 17, 2017

A straight and narrow day

There is a turkey in the oven right now because a turkey is a pretty good source of pre-made meal packages and is pretty inexpensive.

It is covered with bacon and I will have the bacon when the bird comes out of the oven. It is what i refer to as turkey bacon.

It's a Saturday morning and in the background Cary Grant is getting ready to take his submarine into Tokyo bay to gather weather information for Jimmy Dolittle. Complete with an emergency appendectomy performed by the ship's pill roller.

Saturday's bacon is slow cooking on the electric skillet and it's getting near time to fire up the cast iron and fry up a couple of eggs.

Last night I had nothing to drink and will probably stay without anything for quite a while as my body has told me it doesn't want it very much anymore. This happens from time to time and the result is I generally lose weight.

It's time for me to start listening to my body as it generally tells me what is good for it. We'll see what happens.

I'm still smoke free and hanging in there. The only easy day on my smoking cessation plan was yesterday.


Hey, you know who you are. We went to school together.

I sent you $20 for two tickets and please hang on to them until I show. If by some odd reason I can't make it, no refund. Add the money to the cause toward reunion 50 or something.

I am probably coming alone but I bought a spare ticket in case I run into some little 20-something honey hormone squash pouring out of that little blue dress to drape on my arm and pass off as my new trophy wife.

And why not?

There is nothing more satisfying than watching daggers shoot out of the eyes of women my age and watching the tongues hang out of the men.

After all it was only a couple of years ago I palmed off my niece and her daughter as my young wife and new child. I was surprised it didn't get back to me at Reunion 45.

Of course you don't pass off a 20 something year old niece as your new bride without a good story. I used the old tale of spending 30 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit story. 

Of course, that kind of sarcasm and mischief seems to run in my family. Sarcasm oozes out of our pores. It's terrible. We refer to it as 'The Disease'.

Anyway, if by chance I do show up with some hottie please keep mum and act appropriately outraged and have the lobsterman act appropriately envious. Don't rat me out. Simply watch and enjoy the predictable hilarity.

On a more serious note, 

For what it's worth, the 'informal gathering' is really a wonderful idea because it's what many of us really want. A simple cash bar quiet enough to talk is great. At this stage in life swapping notes over a drink or a light meal is ideal.

See ya when I see ya!  

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