Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Someone heard I use an Old School double edged razor

and asked me about which blades to use.

Now everyone knows that razor blades are made of old Navy ships. Just watch the movies and you’ll see.

So needless to say, I told him that I only use blades made out of old Destroyer Escorts that were made in Hingham Shipyard in Hingham, MA between 1942 and 1945. The best blades were made out of the USS Buckley, a Hingham ship that was scrapped in ’69.

I stocked up on those years and years ago and from time to time I manage to locate them via one of the Double Edged razor clubs.

While DEs made good blades, they were fairly small ships and the batches from DEs sold off faster than the batches of blades made by, say cruisers and aircraft carriers. Of course that is because the latter are much, much bigger than the smaller DEs. It’s really quite a shame, too but for some reason the steel in the bigger ships doesn’t seem to make as good of a razor blade as the lowly DE.

The other thing is that the Hingham Shipyard had its own small steel mill in it and they seemed to do a better job of making steel that is conducive to being recycled into razor blades. Someone once said it might have had something to do with the coking process but he wasn’t sure.

Anyway, the guy I told to Googled the USS Buckley and found she was built in Hingham and scrapped in 1969.

It hasn’t gotten back to me from other sources so that tells me the guy knows how to keep his mouth shut. Either that or he’s smart enough to know that the Gillette Company doesn’t buy entire ships at a time to make razor blades out of.


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