Friday, June 9, 2017

Iowa chops.

I had pork chops today for dinner. These were nice, thick cut chops and they baked up nicely and were nice and juicy. In short, they were damned good eating.

I did notice a sticker on the package that read ‘Iowa chops’. It should be duly noted that they were consumed in Pennsylvania if that means anything.

What I want to know is what makes them Iowa chops. Was the pig raised in Iowa? Was the hog feed grown there?

Although they tasted pretty good, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary and it would be interesting to know why the sticker was on the package. If I see them again I’ll sure grab them unless I see something else I’d like to try.

I wonder what Minnesota or New Mexican chops are like. Or maybe Rhode Island chops. Are they any better than Iowa chops?

Whatever. If anyone can tell me which state I should be looking out for as far as the best chops go please drop me a line.

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  1. In Indiana, we call those "State Fair" porkchops as the Hoosier pork producers have a grill tent set up at the fair and sell them!