Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Six months, 24 days smoke free and the cup of coffee is triggering me which is odd.

Coffee stopped triggering me months ago but it is just this particular cup for some reason. Instead of my usual vanilla caramel coffee creamer I am using half and half.

I don’t drink a lot of coffee to begin with, but when I do it’s almost always with vanilla caramel. I used to drink it with just a little half and half.

I think what is going to trigger me in the future is the first time or two I eat, drink or deal with something I have not dealt with since I was smoking.

One thing that will trigger me for sure is going to Camp Perry and hanging out with any GIs, especially if they are smokers.

While the triggering incidents are becoming fewer and further apart I can see now that they are probably never going to go away.

I wrote this a couple days ago and have again had had my morning coffee with half and half. It no longer triggers me like it did the other day. Wonder what that’s all about.

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