Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It was about 30 some odd years ago when I inadvertently socked a chick.

What brought this up is that I saw where Maxine Waters shoved a reporter for no good reason. 

I socked the chick because she hit me and I didn’t see it coming or where it came from. I threw a wild ‘clearing swing’ hoping to get who/whatever away from me and it connected with my assailant, some dopey hippie chick.

It wasn’t a really solid connection, but it was enough to shock her into turning on the water works and getting away from me. Fortunately for me another woman saw the entire thing and stuck up for me.

There is little worse than someone that gets what they have coming. The chick continued to create a stink to the point where she almost got arrested. The ferry purser told her that if she didn’t settle down he would place her under arrest and turn her over to the State Police upon arrival to port.

What happened is I was on the Alaska ferry in a no smoking area and got up to go outside for a smoke. I put an unlit cigarette in my mouth on the way to the door. It was a perfectly legal and proper thing to do.

Just then I heard a “You can’t smoke in here” and had my face clawed. It kind of hit an eye and for a second or two I was blinded. That’s when I swung.

I posted this because one of these days some Maxine Waters type is going to pull the same kind of thing and get pasted for it. Frankly I hope it is a knockout blow because if she is knocked out we won’t have to listen to the indignant pissing and moaning.  Instead we would get to listen to the pained moan as she came to.

I’m not just picking on Maxine Waters. This goes for an awful lot of us.

Society allows too damned much poor behavior to slide by. The reason we have to deal with such people is because we allow it to happen.

I often think that in a lot of so-called assault cases that a jury or judge should be able to throw it out if the plaintiff was asking for it. We’d certainly see an upswing in good old fashioned manners.

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