Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ahh, Yes. A day of inside work coming up

the slight water damage in the front bedroom is visible and I guess I ought to take care of it.

The water damage came from last winter when we got jammed upwith ice dams on th eaves and the water backed up under the shingles. It wasn't too bad in the front bedroom, but I guess I ought to take care of it.

Actually, I started yesterday with the scraping, and as usual it opened a can of worms and I will be mudding in several spots and taping and mudding in a few others.

Then comes the sanding and then the priming and then the paint.

This is the kind of interior work I don't like very much, but it has to be done.


Interruption. Bob just dropped by and I gave him a cup of coffee and I guess we're going to do breakfast. Please note that I gave Bob a clean cup. Mine I fished out of the sink a while ago.

While I don't mind reusing yeaterday's coffee cup, I am really loathe to fish utensils out of the sink because I often absentmindidly wind up with the fork I have just used to dish out the cat's breakfast with and cat food doesn't taste very well with eggs.


A walk in the driveway tells me that I have to get rid of a dead lawn mower and a dead weed whacker. Time to tape a small bottle of Jim Beam to the inside of the trash can lid.

The mower was a freebie I was going to use in the wayback but couldn't get it started even though it was supposed to be OK. It wasn't because the guy that gave it to me stored it with gas in the tank and you know what that means. The weed whacker is one Bob ditched with me to put in the trash, it's been dead quite some time, he was supposed to get it fixed but I guess it's totaled.

We call stuff like that 'dead strippers' because once someone said that I could stuff a dead hooker in the trash and the guys would take it away without raising an eyebrow. I've posted about taking care of the little people like the trash guys before.


I've got another blog going, It's called 'Officer Piccolo'.

A while ago I was asking a bunch of cops about how badly the 911 system is abused and I was not surprised to see that it's abused by society's idiots wha think that the cable TV going out is a major emergency and become astonished when they find out that a policeman isn't going to fix it for them.

The Officer Piccolo blog is how I would behave if I was a cop. Of course, I wouldn't last two weeks as I don't suffer fools very well. How the working cop in the burbs manages is beyond me.

An example of what I mean is a few doors down from me. The old hag raises cain and constantly calls the cops over every little thing. Of course, the annual equalizer night called Halloween is coming and I'll bet you she gets hit pretty hard like she always does. She'll call the cops and complain and the responding officer will give her tea and sympathy. Officer Piccolo would simply tell her that it was her own damned fault for being a troublemaker and throw her report in the trash.


I just saw something on the porch. I forgot to check yesterday. UPS just dropped off a new keyboard, an Itronix. It's another bulletproof piece of GI-type gear that I like because it is tough. Soldier proof is one thing, these are CAT proof!I opened it up and there it was, a GI keyboard, new in box, Irtonix part number 57-0026-002R. I'll try it out and post how well it works later.

There are 13 of them on eBay now, but ya gotta work fast, as there is only a day left on them and most of them have no bids on tham as of yet. To find them, type 'Itronix wired'into the search box.

my other blog is:http://piccolosbutler.blogspot.com/

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