Friday, October 1, 2010

Today I had to pick up a rented car, which was interesting.

There was a young lady sitting at a desk that was supposed to get me squared away and I was my usually cheerful bubbly self. When I sat down in the chair, I introduced her by saying 'Hiya, Gorgeous. Where ya been all my life?"

Of course, her face lit up.

That has to be the hokiest line in the world. It was passe when my father was a boy and I am almost 59, yet as hokey as it is, it never fails to make a woman of any age smile.

We were discussing how i was supposed to drop the car off and she explained to me that I could have someone pick it up of if I delivered it, someone would give me a ride to where I was going.

"Great! I can leave it in the alley behind Lou Turk's!" I replied.

"What's Lou Turks?" she asked.

"It's a strip joint on Essington Ave," I replied with a straight face.

I heard a male voice in the next room laugh. "Don't want a DUI," he said out the door to me.

The woman shook her head and blushed a little, and then smiled at me and told me I had just gotten an upgrade, which is fine by me.

While I can't say that I got the upgrade for making a dull day for two working people a little more tolorable, I'll just bet you it didn't hurt.

Maybe I would have gotten the upgrade if I was just another grouch, but if there was aomeone else coming in and only one upgrade for them to give, I'd just bet they'd give it to someone that made their day a little nicer.

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