Thursday, October 28, 2010

I have errands to do today

The Miata needs the registration renewed and I have to get my driver's license renewed, also.

Then I need a gallon of paint, cat food, dishwasher detergent and a few odds and ends.

The worst part is going to be the license renewal because the system in this state is archaic.

I just remembered, I have to get my picture taken. Hmmm. I think I'm going to pull my bridgework and give a big gap-toothed hill billy grin for that one.

Over the years there has been a running 'worst driver's license picture' contest going on in my family.

Seeing I have forgotten about this and have shaved recently, I can't look as thuggish as I like for this important portrait, so I guess I'll just go as 'Crash' Murphy.

That'll work.

Got everything done I had to do except for one thing.

My driver's license renewal does not print out the photo cards, the little thing you take down to get your picture taken.

This means it is going to be touch and go, as the day I get back from my next tour I am going to have to run like hell to the photo center go get the job done.

It's a shame, too because if they DID print photo cards on line it would make the ENTIRE process take about an hour instead of 10 days or more.

Oh, well.....


One good thing. I'll be able to stop shaving a couple days before so I can look pretty rough for the picture. Having kept first place in the family driver's license photo contest, I have no desire to come in second place for the next four years.

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