Sunday, October 3, 2010

Something happened.

I got jammed up with too many things to do and too little time to do them in.

Nurse Connie came by with a plumbing problem. Electrolosis had eaten up a piece of her copper plumbing and her water was leaking.

Of course, I dropped what I was doing and we went to Homeless Depot. I grabbed 10 feet of copper and a couple of those 'shark bite' connectors and Mickey Moused her plumbing.

I explained that I was Mickey Mousing the job, yet she was grateful as hell.

How I managed to get the rest of the day's work is beyond me, but I will always have enough time to help a GOOD neighbor.

The woman a few doors can lay before me and slowly die and I will not spend the three cents worth of cell phone expenditure to keep her alive.

Best friend, worst enemy.

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