Monday, October 25, 2010

I just got inside after taking a little

walk around the house over morning coffee.

I like what I see. The lawn is freshly mowed for the last time of the season and the wayback is a little fairy land.

The wayback has a twice annual maintenance plan that's pretty simple. In late March I pick up all of the limbs that fell off the trees and drag them up for firewood and in either October or November it's chainsaw/brush cutter/lawn mower madness.

Everything gets leveled and we go back to square one.

The forces of nature are amazing. Things just want to grow and grow. In the two seasons of spring and summer it is amazing as to how much stuff down there takes hold. The weeds, shoots, suckers and grasses just take over the entire wayback and ot becomes a real powerhouse of miscellaneous vegetation. As usual, I wind up fighting with the wild grapes down there that I have never seemed to be able to kill off entirely.

But then comes fall and I break out the machinery and level all of God's work so he can start over again in the spring.

He gets to show me the miracle of growth and nature for spring and summer and come fall I chop it all down and turn the wayback into a pretty little fairy land which I get to enjoy for the fall and winter.

It is a peaceful thing to look at and I enjoy looking at it during the dormant period.

During the spring as things start growing, the deer in the area start adding my wayback to their route as all of the fresh growth provides them with something to eat. That's part of the reason I let it run wild for the two seasons. The deer have to eat, too and it adds to the ambience of this little slice of heaven.

One of the things I have to note carefully here is that the house I live in is one of those places thet was built in '48 for GI Joe to raise a couple kids in. It is a simple Cape Cod with very little remarkable about it. It really is a simple place for a simple person to live in.

The part that keeps me fixated to this place is the yard.

Long before I moved in, the previous owner planted rows of trees and they are now at the mature stageIt provides beauty and privacy. It is just my little slice of heaven.

Keeping it up is fairly simple. The fall leveling is pretty simple, too.

I just put the brush cutter on the weed whacker and start in and follow up with the lawn mower and level everything. Everything gets mulched and that is that. It's a simple process. It takes a day or two and that's it for another year.

Right now I'm just looking out the back window as I type this and I like what I see.

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