Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On a certain intrnet forum

I am on there is a thread explaining what they are going to do to a certain GI returning from a year's combat duty.

There is going to be a small town parade and a hoop-dee-doo of some sort, all of which is a big part of small-town America.

I love small town America and a couple of years ago when I broke my uniform out of mothballs and wore it to Camp Perry I made a few stops in Ohio and more than one person had something nice to say about it.

Still, you have to be ready for a faux pas of some sort because it takes a while to decompress after a hard tour of duty.

While the GI may have simply been a clerk in a secure area, it is also likely that he was a grunt that spent his entire year out in the mud, blood and horror of a nasty little war.

Let's face it, the average combat grunt is not the All-American clean-cut kid tht used to mow your lawn. At least not when he was in an infantry outfit. When he was back in his unit, he was probably the filthiest human being you have ever seen in a torn, muddy uniform and badly needing a shave, yet his weapon was immaculate.

He was constantly angry and in the middle of an emotional upheaval that probably effected his entire system including his digestive system. He seldom got much sleep, ate MREs when he found time and was the most spiteful and nasty person you have ever met. He was profane as all git-go, and every other word he used probably began with the letter 'F'.

He'll return back to some semblance of normal, but it may take a little while. It generally takes a while to decompress.

Just cut him a break if you ask him to make a speech and he screws up and a few bats fly out of his mouth.

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