Friday, October 1, 2010

Neighbor Bob just walked in about an hour ago and

threw a pizza box on my living room floor, grabbed a beer out of my refrigerator, popped it open and walked off.

I didn't even look up. He had done me a favor.

What? you say, he threw trash on your floor and walked off?

Not hardly. He did me a favor.

I have been off of pizza for quite some time and needed a couple of pizza boxes on the living room and dining room floor because the ones already there have gotten too old.

What in the wide, wide world of sports do I want pizz boxes on my floor?

Am I trying to make my place look like some college dorm out of 'Animal House'?

Certainly not. There is a reason for this and it is a good one.

The cat likes to lay on them.

There are now five of them in various locations that appeal to the Keeper of the Piccolo residence. They are part of the household furnishings.

When I vacuum the living and dining rooms I pick them up and put them on the counter. When I am done, I toss them back on the floor in their proper spots.

The cat is the boss and if the cat wants to lay on fresh pizza boxes, than so be it.

While it is the duty of the Marine Corps to keep heaven supplied with fresh souls, it is the duty of one Piccolo to keep the cat in fresh pizza boxes to lie on.

Since I have taken pizza out of my diet, the neighbors have been taking up my slack.

It's what good neighbors are for. They take up yoour slack.

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