Saturday, October 2, 2010

I got a call from Neighbor Bob today.

He was at a property he owns an hour or so north of here.

He said his wife couldn't get the furnace started, which is par golf around here for this time of year. It's the beginning of heating season and the rusty old furnaces in the area begin to rumble back to life as things get a bit chilly.

I told Bob I'd run down the house, but he was to stay put. If I needed anything I would call.

Of course he was worried and I knew he would be calling every few minutes for a SITREP so I told him to simply wait and that I was going to turn my cell phone off so he couldn't bother me. He has a knack of calling me when I have my hands busy with small parts or things of that nature.

I moseyed down, his wife let me in which reeally is a pro forma deal, as I have a key but she does not know it. I went straight to the furnace and lifted the front panel off and took one look.

The pilot light had gone out at some time over the summer. It was pretty much as I had suspected.

I lit it, waited until the thermocooupling had heated up and then 'whoosh!' Bob and wife were back in business.

I called Bob, who was of course, over reacting and said he was just getting into the pickup to head home.

He was happy to hear that he wasn't going to freeze over the coming winter and I got to be a hero and probably won't have to cook dinner tomorrow night.

The entire thing took maybe 15 minutes.

It doesn't take a whole lot to be a good neighbor.

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