Thursday, October 21, 2010


caps lock.

Over the past year thet I have been writing this blog and other projects I have had to stop and rewrite things about a jillion times because of that damned key.

I am a lousy typist to begin with, and for the life of me I keep hitting that damned key and screwing things up.

By the way, you see a lot of grammaical errors on this blog and it is not because I do not know how to spell. It is the product of my lousy typing.

I am a self-taught typist. I had to learn in the army about three and a half decades ago when I ran an arms room for a while. There were reports that had to be typed. I became a hunt and peck typist.

Of course, there was no caps lock key on the old Remington GI issue typewriters and this was long beffore computers reared their heads, so this was not a problem back then.

Actually, on a regular computer keyboard I don't make the caps lock blunder too often. Where my troubles come from is the flat keyboard on laptops.

Anyway, folk, that's my little rant for today.

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