Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've got a lot to do today and I think

that todays post will be in segments.

I'm just going to leave this open and chip away at it today.

If you see odd combinations of letters, just remember that the cat likes to take the short cut across my keyboard.

One of the things I have planned for today is to sneak an old friend of mine out of the rest home for an hour or so and give him a ride in the Miata. The guy is a WW2 flyboy that flew C-47s all over hell delivering men and materiel.

Like most of the guys that flew in the Second World War, he was a basic high school kid that they ran through a cadet program and turned loose with an airplane. They don't do things that way these days. The days of the teenager hotshot pilot are long over with. I have mixed feelings about the way they do things today, but I won't get into that.

Anyway, I don't think I'll have any problems getting him out of the rest home. Then again, if push comes to shove, I'll think of something. Maybe give the old swashbuckler a sword and watch him wave it around and battle his way out past Nurse Ratched or something.

About 30 years ago three of us sneaked an old Norwegian fisherman out of a rest home to make one last fishing trip. It was a pretty good adventure for all involved. I might post that sometime.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted,

1000 update.

Called a mutual friend first and found out the old guy is in terrible shape. I haven't seen him for 6 months and I heard this morning he was in a terrible car accident a while ago and is still pretty damned beat up from it.

I got his phone number and I called him. He's up, of course and we yakked for a bit.

He asked me if I would pick someone up along the way and it didn't take me half a second to figure out what he really wants. He just wants some feminine company.

I told him to call her and give her my phone number.

This guy has been a widower for about 15 years and I've seen him out and about a couple of times with a widow or two, which is probably par golf as things really don't change much over the length of a lifetime. When she calls I'll pick her up and deliver her and then take my leave early and be on the end of my cell phone to take her home again.

I think that spending a little time with the woman would really mean a lot more to him than going for a tour in the Mazda, especially because he is still recuperating from the accident.

Old age is a terrible affliction, bur I guess the alternative is worse.

A guy one up from Nurse Connie, my neighbor, is in his 70s and a cancer survivor and the chemo has really torn him up. He was VERY active until about 9 months ago.

They kicked the crap out of his cancer, but the price is that he really has to work a lot harder to get anything done. He's fixing something as I write and he's on day two of a job that he'd have normally knocked out in a couple of hours. He has to stop every few minutes and rest. He's gaining, though. A couple of months ago getting from his car to the house was a major chore and now he's doing things like mowing his own lawn.

1020. Phone rang and I'm going out to pick up the widow and deliver her to him. See you later.


1300 Dropped the woman off and I guess the two lovebirds are having lunch, which sounds like a ood deal. I'm at home sanding sheetrock and waiting for a call. I'll have to jump into the shower to drive her home because I'm covered with sheetrock dust.


1455 Into the shower, the phone rang. Later!


1550. I'm home. It was fun taking the old woman home. She's in her 80s and really quite attractive at her age. Betcha she was a real knockout a few years ago. I gotta give my old friend credit, he sure can pick 'em. What a classy lady!

Well, it wasn't a ride through the twisties and I didn't get him out, but that's cool. I bet he was a whole lot happier with her than with me.

I hope he recovers enough so I can take him out for a ride, though.

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