Sunday, February 13, 2011

The combat laptop is shot

It's final. The combat laptop is toast.

The IT guy told me that it's fried and that all I can do is yank the hard drive and recover the data off of it, which is good because there are a couple of pretty good blog stories on it that I want to post here.

Now I have to try and dig up another one, which means I have to get my act together and chase one down. I have a few leads and I guess that I'll get on it when I get up tomorrow as the places are closed on weekends.

I can't blame eCost, as they were just middlemen, and I have to say that I knew I was taking a chance buying something thaat's GI surplus because there is a chance something just sat on the shelf unused or that GI Joe used it hard in the field.

I knew that when I snagged the original one.

I guess I am going to try snag a Gobook III this time.

If any of you readers have any ideas on where I can snag a decent GoBook III leave me something in the comments department.


Pic, out.

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