Saturday, February 5, 2011

Watching the Stooges with the President of the United States

On an earlier post I commented that the Three Stooges are a guy thing to the point where you could put a Korean Vet in a GI haircut on one end of a couch and a 17 year old kid with 17 piercings and a purple Mohawk on the other end and they will sit there uncomfortably because they have nothing in common.

Put the Stooges on the tube and in about three or four minutes they will both start whacking each other and doing Curly imitations.

Never fails.

Almost to a man guys like the Stooges.

I wonder what it would be like visiting the White House and sitting with the president when the Stooges come on.

Maybe not with THIS president. I'd just bet that if you hit HIM on the head with a hammer you'd get a loud 'clang' like when Moe hits Curly on the head. I just can't picture the current president watching the Stooges.

But I'd just bet that if you were watching the Stooges with Ronald Reagan when he was in office he'd have gone 'whoop whoop whoop' and maybe had a pretty good Curly shuffle, to boot. (At least if Nancy wasn't around. Women HATE the Stooges. When they're on the tube, women roll their eyes as the guys horse around.)

Betcha George W. Bush would probably grin and do something Curly-ish, too.

Reagan and W both have it in their eyes. A certain elfin twinkle. They're not going to be able to hold it in.

Bill Clinton I am not too sure of, but maybe. Probably, actually.

I'd just bet that the Secret Service under the Reagan and Bush administrations would give someone a wary pass on certain Stoogisms. If you were sitting there with Reagan watching the Stooges and started to shake and raise your hand, they would probably have the treat of watching the Most Powerful Man in The World grinning like a little kid and following the shaking hand all the way up only to have it sharply dropped.

I can picture the protocol of being able to watch the Stooges with the President. the first thing you would probably see is him looking around warily to make sure there are no female Secret Service agents around because a female Secret Service agent is apt to shoot you dead and have Seal Team Six send your riddled body to Davy Jones's Locker.

For some reason, a woman agent would not give you a pass for Stooges horseplay. I think it is in their DNA.

Of course, you couldn't get away with poking the President in the eyes, but I'd just bet that if you held up your index and middle finger that Reagan or W would just grin like an idiot and put their hand, karate chop style, up and down the bridge of their nose and stick his tongue out at you. Nyeh!

One thing about Reagan, I can actually picture him dealing with an overly protective Secret Service agent.

In his fatherly tone, he would say, "Please allow the President the dignity of watching the Stooges with one of his constituants."

The Agent would look a little humble and then Ronald Reagan would playfully reach over and whack you on the head and say, "Nyuk,nyuk,nyuk".

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