Friday, February 11, 2011

I got home yesterday afternoon after a regular odyessy

which began in Connecticut and a long train ride.

It made for a long day when you consider we had both been up for most of the previous night.

We got in to Philly about 2230 and I decided not to drive, so I overnighted in Philly and the next morning after a good night's sleep drove home.

I got home yesterday afternoon.

Trains can be pretty neat to travel on.

One woman got on and asked me which direction we were headed in as she wanted a seat that faced forward. I don't think there were any in the car I was on. They all faced backward and she threw a little hissy fit.

People like that annoy me because she doesn't know how good she has it.

The train is warm, dry, fairly clean, quite comfortable and a damned sight better than, say riding in the back of a Deuce 'n half.

Another woman griped that the seats were too small. I kept quiet on that one, but she overheard another woman comment that if she'd have watched what she ate she wouldn't be complaining.

She got indignant and someone else stood up for the woman that had commented. I opted to stay out of it for a change as I suppose I was too tired to make a commentary.

My shipmate is a pretty big guy and he seemed to fit the seat.

Then again when your ass is three axe handles wide you are going to have problems.

For part of the trip the guy across the aisle was a morbidly obese cardioligist and I swear I saw a pack of Camels in his shirt pocket.

He was replaced after a couple of stops by some nerdy little guy that pulled out a lunch box and ate his soup with a spoon and some rice dish with chopsticks and something else with a fork. I think he was trying to show everyone how cool he was or something. He looked like a geek but I suppose geeks gotta eat, too. Oh, well. His chow and he can eat it any way he sees fit.

I can't use chopsticks to save my ass.

Bad news. My other laptop took a hit in the Achilles Tendon of laptops and it may wind up being totaled.

The weak point of ALL laptops is where you plug the charger/adapter in and my basic traveler got yanked somewhere along the line and it is now time to snag yet another one. Maybe I'll grab one and see if I can get a trade-in of some sort. Either that or if I can snag an external battery charger I ought to be GTG.

I'd sure hate to have to get one of those little notebooks as I have little faith in them. The old Combat Laptop has taken a few big spills and kept on ticking. Last summer it almost went over the side during crew change but landed on the deck of the crew boat and still ran like nothing had happened.

Somewhere along the line the charger cord got jerked and I don't know what to do. The woman computer doctor told me that in reality the machine is totaled. To repair the plug will cost more than the machine costs to replace.

This is interesting. I managed to hit the Achilles heel of a damned GoBook.

Leave it to me.

WHich leads to replacing it.

A few months ago refurbished machines were running about $180 delivered.

Now we're in a cusp as the Gobook 3 are out there and are being refurbished and with any luck, I guess I can upgrade a bit for pretty close to the same money IF I can find a refurbished machine.

Tune in and see what happens next.

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