Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I like these people that are always warning you about stuff.

A while ago I was making a couple of pancakes and instead of using a spatula to turn them over I was simply taking the pan off of the stove for a couple of seconds and giving it a flip.

This is something I have been doing for about half a century since I was a Boy Scout, and back then Boy Scouts helped little old ladies across the street and I remember getting hit on the head with a purse for it because the little old lady didn’t want to go, but I digress. The point is that I have been flipping pancakes and sometimes eggs like that for a pretty long time.

Anyway, someone recently sternly warned me that some day I am going to miss if I keep doing that and then where will I be?

I see his point.

If I were to miss, you never can tell. Maybe a particle of pancake might be eaten by a germ of some sort and as a result it could have its DNA mutated and evolve into a super germ. If this germ were to hitch a ride on the paw of a passing cat and enter the cat’s digestive system by having the cat lick its paw the cat then might eat a mouse and poop it in the garden.

Then the germ could work its way through the soil and enter an eggplant growing there and alter the eggplants DNA so that it the eggplant becomes a ravenous monster and starts eating everything is sight and starts growing bigger and bigger.

Then it eats Chicago!

After Chicago gets eaten, the businesses there disappear off the face of the earth and the nation goes into panic and it causes a worldwide panic and western civilization caves in and we all wind up living in caves and watching television by fire light.

And it will all be my fault. I will be blamed.

(Of course, nobody will have the common decency to give me any credit if the eggplant goes and eats Philadelphia. If that were to happen, I should be treated like a hero.)

Of course, this isn’t very likely and I really don’t see it happening.

If I miss, then what will probably happen is that I cuss a little and then pick the pancake off of the floor and toss it out. Then I will take a paper towel and clean up the residue and that will be that.

I really don’t think that the unlikely chance of making a small mess is worth getting a stern warning about.

Maybe I ought to miss intentionally and have him clean up the mess as it will give him something to do and he will stay out of my hair.

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