Thursday, February 17, 2011

Someone climbed aboard the stupid bus.

Seeing there has been one hell of a thaw I decided to run the pickup through a car wash today, which I did.

There are 2 side by side units and when I pulled out with a clean pickup there was the vehicle that had just left the other stall blocking my way as the driver had gotten out and was giving the attendent a pretty good screaming at.

I listened for a couple of minutes and the attendent was doing a pretty good job of defending himself.

Seems the idiot forgot to close his window and he was in the process of blaming the attendent for his stupidity.

He had my way blocked so I hopped out and asked the little hot tempered guy if he would kindly move and he promptly went off on me. I listened for a minute or so and calmly told him that when I took a stupid pill I generally have the decency to quietly skulk away instead of bringing my stupidity to the attention of everybody else in the area.

When he heard that he went off again and I reached for my cell phone and pushed 911 but did not hit 'send'. I asked him if he would like to share his stupidity with the rest of the city as if he decided to make an issue of it the ensuing police report would probably make the local paper.

The attendent looked at me and told me the police had already been called so the dopey kid took off.

I cleared my phone and the attendent and I shared a pretty good chuckle.

What is happening to people?

Here a guy does something totally stupid and wants everyone else to pay him for it.

Seems there's a lot of it going around these days.

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