Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I am going to leave this post open and chip away at it throughout the day

This is an odd day because I have a lot of little stupid things to do today and I want to get them done.

The Mazda needs an inspection sticker and there are a few little things to do here around the house. I have a closet to reassemble and maybe if I feel like it I will start in on the bird houses.

Then I have to call a guy about my Webley ammo and maybe I'll try the Webley out with some .38 S&W I have kicking around IF the weather holds and I don't have to dig my way to the pistol range. We'll see.

Bye for now, I will add to thos post as the day goes on. I am off to spin the wheels of industry.


It is a bit later and the Mazda went bust on the inspection because the mechanic decided to play straight by the book and try and snake me for some money. There is a very small rot hole in the body and the game there is that in PA there are not supposed to be any whatsoever. Most mechanics overlook tiny ones but not this guy.

I just bought the necessary stuff to fix it, but I am going to have to heat the garage to get it to stick to the steel which means I should not have bothered to even take it to the inspection station. More lost time for today.

I finally got through to someone about some business and found out I have to mail for the information because they want my request in writing. Quick Fix. Word Pad and I dashed off my request.

Not so quick fix. The printer is being balky. Ooops! Now it wants to work and things don't look so bad. Unless the mailman has come and gone, I'll get this one out on the Noon Stage.

Next project: The linen closet which I went through like a dose of salts and got squared away. I found about 2,456 (OK. I lie. There were over 40 of them, though) throwaway razors, most of which are marked 'sensitive skin' which I do not have. I can shave with a K-Bar with no rash.

I also found a lot of other stuff and that is always bittersweet because you recall that you have had to buy some of the stuff again because you could not find where it was stored.

I emptied half a dozen bags of stuff. Bags are a pain because you do not know what is in them and if you do not see it easily, you don't think you have it and then often buy another one. Generally by the time you find it in the bag it has gone bad if it has a due date. If not, it has probably rusted or eroded or is obsolete. Why do you need a vial of prescription medicine for a cat that has been dead for years?

Closet is done.

Next stop is to the mechanics to see WTF is going on. The deal we have is that he will inspect the vehicle and as soon as I fix the hole I get the sticker. Fair enough, but I have to get the little sports car into the garage and heat it up so the tiger hair and Bondo will stick.

I'll fix it and repaint it. Seeing it is a rocker panel I'll paint it black with black spray-on bedliner and it will look like new.

Bob swung by because his truck is in the shop and Darling Daughter needs a ride home from school. I loaned him mine and he will be back in a few minutes. I hate loaning the truck out, but he has been very good to me.

Next: Lunch, which is running late. I skipped breakfast because I hit the deck running and now I will make up for it with a late lunch.

Slop's on.


Slop's eaten and done with. A fast salad so I can keep my boyish figure.

Next on the agenda is the chair I painted with. I got paint on it, of course, and I can take care of that.

I steel wool the paint off and spray it with deft lacquer and presto!

Meanwhile,back at the ranch, Neighbor Bob tells me that Darling Daughter is running late and he is back with the truck and no daughter. I'm done steel wooling and I wipe the chair down with thinner to get it ready for the lacquer and go to the shelk and find out I've used it up and the spray can is empty. Bob and I hop into the truck and off we go only to find the local place is out. As we leave headed to Lowes, Darling Daughter calls so we change course for a hit and run mission. Darling Daughter is told to be ready.

She's good for it as we enter the school and snag her with a Bonnie and Clyde exit. We drop her off, hit Lowes AND the supermarket for a few things and I return. Bob shakes the paint can for me the whole ride back from the supermarket.

I now have 2 coats on the thing and a call to the mechanic tells me there are a couple more problems with the Mazda. I do some quick thinking and give him the go ahead. I don't like it, but it will get me going and it will give me time, which is in short supply.


ANother quick coat of lacquer on the chair and now I have to check email because I still have to try and conjure up a decent replacement for the combat laptop and as I write there are a few GoBook 3s arriving on eBay which tells me that the .mil has probably shaken a few loose recently and they are hitting the market and will probably be there pretty cheap in a few days or at least inside a couple of weeks.

Email is sort of full and a quick scan tells me I screwed yo when I joined an Itronix group with Yahoo because now everytime someone asks a queation, I get an email and when someone else answers I get another, yet I will let this happen until I get a replacement for the Combat Laptop.

The linen closet got another addition. I have seen extra cell chargers and I now have a pair of laptop chargers and a pretty good spare battery which is good. I found a box and put all of them into it so as to make things neater.

Generally I toss out stuff like this but I know that my next Combat laptop could lose a battery charger at any minute and a spare is a good thing to have. As for the cell chargers, the cell phone I own now is not going to be the last one I own so you can mever tell and besides, I still have a trio of obsolete cell phones which I have not transferred all of the data from and if I ever need the data I'lll at least be able to retrieve it.

The box also contains a lot of other odds and ends and adapters. The PS-2 to USBs are hard to get and with GoBooks only having a single USB port I sometimes use one of these adapters for simple things like external keyboards and a mouse.


I just got out of the bathroom at 1500 having just done what I should have done 8 hours ago. I am now clean and I snagged my Israeli Para T-shirt. As I donned it I made a note to self. If I ever get my dream shot at reporting in Afghanistan I really ought to leave this shirt home. Running around in an Islamic country in a shirt with Israeli jump wings and "Follow Me" and the IDF logo in Hebrew really isn't a truly wonderful idea unless I want to meet up with a guy swinging a scimitar while wearing a turban.

Then again, I actually do own the proper pistol for that occasion. The Webley is just the perfect pistol to bring to a sword fight. Ask Indiana Jones and I'm sure he'll tell you I am right.

But you have to remember that the biggest export from this country that we have is our movies. I better hold off on that because it is pretty likely that a lot of Afghanis have seen the movie and are onto the trick.

Best to leave the shirt at home.


Speaking of movies, why don't the Cav units have "Charge" on air horns attached to their vehicles. As Americans we are the only country that has Western movies, and I'd bet that almost everyone in the planet knows that when you hear 'Charge" on the bugle, there is going to be a pretty serious ass-whupin' coming along shortly.

You can get "Charge" on ait horns out of places like JC. Whitney for short money. Every Cav combat vehicle should have one installed.

This is so stereotypical of Americans that even before WW2 in an episode of the Three Stooges when Moe was worried that the US Cavalry might not arrive on time, a colonel assured Moe that "Never in the history of the motion picture industry has the United States Calvary been too late!"

Yeah, the Cav units ought to get that bugle call installed on their vehicles.

The day is winding down and I think I just have a little picking up to do and I'm going to call it good.


Pic, out.


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