Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is my 60th year

and as I write we are having a wonderful winter thaw.

All of that white nasty stuff has vacated the Piccolo residence and I see what is to be done this May.

I am celebrating my 60th year with flowers.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon will have nothing on the Piccolo residence.

There will be big flowers. There will be little flowers. There will be funny looking flowers and flowers growing out of flowers.

I will be gardening with a passion never to be seen on the face of the earth and I will constantly be outside pulling weeds and talking to the flowers to encourage them to grow.

The neighbors will grow concerned at my passion for gardening and will probably have me carted off to the Booby Hatch for observation, but I will escape and return to my flowers.

Yes, this has been a particularly nasty winter for me and when spring arrived I am going to garden with a passion never seen in these parts.

People will be coming for hundreds of miles and even other continents to see the greatest botanical spectacle ever displayed on earth!

OK, Ok. I exaggerated. You get the general idea.

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