Saturday, February 12, 2011

A day of small frustrations

WIth the traveling combat laptop down, I was on a search to see what I could do. A trip to a discount store got me a pretty good offer from one of the employees there that seems to know what he is doing.

He tried to tell me what I wanted but gave up pretty fast when I described the Combat laqptop to him. Unlike most jerks in retail that have severe hearing problems this guy listened and realixzed he had nothing to sell me. It was a relief. Instead he hooked me up with an IT guy that MAY be able to fix the old work horse for me. We'll see.

The next thing on the agenda is that I went for some Gold Bond footpowder and cat food. That turned out OK. That's a hard one to screw up.

Go to store, grab foot powder, grab cat food, pay, leave, done.

Then the frustrating one set in.

In the likely event that Combat Laptop can't be fixed I tried to locate one on line.

All roads lead to eBay.

Findadeal dot com. We got tons of them.


And now I am looking at a link that goes straight to eBay.

The shopping sites that don't say on their google intro that they have scads of GoBook IIIs for sale. Click.

The next thing you are looking at is an ad for a single screw or stick of memory and a note that they have something close to it like the spark coil off of a Model T Ford for $643.

It's maddening.

If they don't have what you want, why don't they simply tell you instead of trying to sell you something insane like a broken wheel for a Radio Flyer wagon?

There are a boatload of Gobook IIs and IIIs out there, but most of them are missing operating systems as they have had the hard drives scrubbed out.

I suppose I could buy an OS somewhere but then you get back into the whole idea of putting $140 into a machine you paid $140 for and you are back to square one again and that is not going to sit too well.

I guess I could buy an OS and DIY it and that may be the way this ends up unless something interesting pops up.

Still, it's enough to make you want to run amok when the entire internet starts sending you in circles with all roads leading to the first place you started out at.

Later on Neighbor Bobs wafe borrowed a pen of mine and commented how nice it was. I told her it was a free sample from Pen

Ahe went over to her machine and started typing it in and blew a fuse with me and accussed me of trying to send her to a gay website because if you write it as one word it can either be pen isaland or penis land.

I acted all pouty and told her to Google it and sure enough there it was.


She felt a little foolish, but that's OK.

I just got back having handed the laptop off to some kid that looks like he's going to ruin it, but I suppose with it busted he can't make it a whole lot worse.

Bob is coming over for a beer in a minute, so adios for tonight.

Pic, out.

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