Friday, February 4, 2011

A small miracle will occur soon

One of the things that overjoys me to no end is that I will be out at sea for the Superbowl.

Thank God for small miracles.

I am not a sports guy because for some reason I only like sports I can participate in like competitive shooting and things of that nature. Occacionally, if I can find one, I'll watch a 12 meter sailboat race. That's about it.

I think it is nothing but idiocy to see a bunch of grown men sitting on their asses around a damned television set getting all worked up and shouting at it. It is not like the athlete can hear you.

One of the scenes I would watch a game for is to see a football player catch a pass, and avoid a tackler and make it to the end zone and then look up at the camera. "Hey, Larry. Yeah, you, Larry. Third stool Duffy's Tavern. Thanks for the heads up on number 37 trying to take me out at the 20 yard line. I'd have never made it without you! Have the bartender give you one on me!"

I hate dealing with the town if any of our local teams are doing well as too many people getworked up over nothing.

Several years ago when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup I was on my way home from this slab and I guess they had traffic all blocked off in an effort to keep the city from becoming a mob scene. I made my way to the front of the line and when the cop tried to divert me, I stuck my head out the window. "I'm a goddamned sailor and I'm just trying to get home. Can you let me pass?"


"Merchant Marine. Look, my wife just spent $457 at Victoria's Secret and I could give a damn about this foolish sports crowd. I just wanna get home."

He said something on his handy-talkie and let me through the barricade and I got home without having to drive 398 miles out of my way. Still, it was a major aggravation.

Another thing I do not understand is how an entire city takes credit for a sports victory. Nobody in the entire town except a few athletes had a single thing to do with their win, yet everyone in town and their cousin seems to act like they are personally responsible for the victory.

Of course, if they have a bad season, I really don't see a whole lot of people taking blame for the loss. They then refer to the very team they cheered on the previous season as a bunch of bums.

The entire thing makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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