Monday, February 21, 2011

A target of opportunity came into view and I couldn't resist.

Another nebby person just got what she had coming.

There is a switch going to a motion detector that sometimes I keep turning off by mistake because it shares a spot with the kitchen light and sometimes when I hit the switch to turn it off I hit both by mistake.

The fix is a $1.98 little do-dad you screw on over the switch and I suppose it is designed to keep little kids from turning something off or on that is not supposed to be off or on.

I bought one today and the nebby woman behind the register looked the switch cover and then looked at me and commented that it looked like the grandchildren were coming over to visit.

First of all, it is none of her business and secondly when she showed me she was nosy she instantly became a target of opportunity.

“It’s to protect my first born,” I said. “I’m 59 and as of a week ago I am a first time father.”

“Really?” she asked.

“I married a somewhat younger woman.” I replied.

“How old is she?” she asked, displaying more nosiness on her part. From the look on her face she looked like she expected to hear that I married a woman that was late in going through menopause and she had managed to get unexpectedly pregnant at the last minute.

“I’m helping her get her driver’s license next month,” I answered in a proud tone of voice. “We plan on having another nine kids as soon as she finishes high school!”

It was fun watching her turn beet red.

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