Sunday, February 20, 2011

I got a call from a co-worker

and he said that everything is going to work out just fine.

I’ve been coaching him for a while regarding his son, who has been bullied for some time now.

These days there is some kind of anti-bullying crap I hear about in the media, but like a lot of things the system hands down it is just a bunch of crap. The bully in this case has been given a bunch of hokey ‘time outs’ and they have had some counselor hold his hand and sing ‘Kum-Bye-Yah’ a couple of times but that has done no good whatsoever.

I have listened to my co-worker for some time now and he has agreed that we have to play within the system until he can prove beyond doubt that it doesn’t work.

The day after the co-worker got home it seems that the two boys had a delightful little discussion over the bullying issue and the bully has decided that maybe he ought to be kind to my co-workers son.

The discussion was conducted with a cudgel in the form of an old axe-handle and the bully got bruised up pretty good which most of this readership probably has no problems with. I sure don't.

Of course, the bully’s parents are livid over this because there is generally nobody quite as indignant and self-righteous as someone that has finally gotten what they deserve and they deserve what they got because they are pretty lousy parents.

If they were decent parents they would not be sitting in shock wondering why their darling son had had his ribs and upper arms bruised. They would know.

Of course, the father has tried to pass this load of horse manure (it has taken my sister 35 years of constant nagging to get me to use this term) off with the old excuse of boys will be boys, it’s a fair fight, and HIS son is going to be a scrapper.

That excuse dried up rather quickly when my co-worker, whose nickname is ‘Bull’, offered to meet the father behind the schoolyard for a fair fight.

The system got madder than hell over the little thug getting his comeuppance and my co-worker had to go in and go to bat for his son who was facing possible serious disciplinary action.

Of course, he had planned for this and he did his homework. He didn’t go in alone. Instead he came in with another four sets of parents. They rat-packed the principal and expressed their support for the co-workers kid’s actions.

One of the mothers scared the holy hell out of the principal when she asked him if she should have her husband teach their son to shoot a pistol or wield a knife just so he could be safe at school. That got his attention. rather quickly.

When it was over, the kid was reinstated and they have decided to do something about the bully which is something they should have done a long time ago.

What did they expect? Did they think the kid was going to wait a couple of years until the system decided to figure out what to do about this little thug? It’s easy to tell someone else to be patient when you are not the one being hammered on a daily basis.

What do these sheltered people in high places expect?

Our expectations have grown absurd over the past several years. We expect that all of this wonderful counseling and hand-holding is miraculously going to keep the wolf away from the door.

Some clown up in academia somewhere comes up with some naïve bright idea and we hail him as a ‘Noted Authority’, which is a title used by TV hosts on talk shows to give credibility to some little geek that has no real world experience of any type.

The so-called ‘Noted Authorities’ of this world want us to understand the bully’s needs and insecurities and his problems.

Guess what?

Nobody cares about what makes the bully tick or his problems or his bruised ego or how his mother fed him his bottle late one night. All they want is for the little thug to keep his meat hooks to himself. It’s really not a whole lot to ask for.

Several years ago my nephew and I were discussing the problems associated with a certain bully. He has at least the major portion of a brain in his head and was pretty mature at the time. He was well aware enough to check his sarcasm meter as I casually explained to him that the proper tool for dealing with bullies was NOT the USMC issued K-Bar.

It is the British commando knife, often called ‘Black Death’.

I carefully explained to him how to insert it into a bully in such a way that it would not get stuck between the bully’s ribs and be difficult to withdraw for future use.

Commando knives are expensive and are quite reusable and should not be left stuck in someone’s ribs. It should be carefully remembered that the ecologists call this judicious reuse of a valuable asset ‘recycling’.

My sister and a friend were in the same room and her friend looked appalled.

My sister, who knew her son and knew my sarcastic nature, cheerfully looked over and told her son, “Listen very carefully to what your uncle is teaching you. He knows what he is talking about.”

Laughter ensued and her friend finally picked up on it and felt a little embarrassed.

As it was, we were actually talking about a bullying situation that was long over and done with, as my nephew simply sucker-punched the bully well off of the school property. A simple fat lip ended the bullying and the school couldn’t do squat about it.

Of course, my nephew had enough sense to be well off of school grounds when he administered the medicine to the big oaf.

Still, the point is that all of the so-called experts seem to have forgotten about the victim of poor behavior. They want to coddle the perpetrator and make excuses for him when all the rest of us want him to do is simply act like a civil person and keep his hands to himself. It isn’t a whole lot to ask for.

Meanwhile the victim keeps getting victimized because time outs and hand holding really do not do a whole hell of a lot.

I am very tired of this over-analytical thinking on the part of academia. It is nothing more than stupid in high places. I’m tired of the intellectuals missing the entire point and coming to the support of the person that is misbehaving whether it is a child or an adult.

I just want a return to good old-fashioned common sense because it works.

If a bully stops bullying because he is tired of getting his ribs broken, or doesn’t like having his facial features readjusted that is just fine by me.

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