Friday, February 25, 2011

I wonder how many fraudulent claims BP has paid out?

I would just bet that right now there are a lot of people that are going to be getting rightfully slammed either by the criminal justice system or the IRS.

Any of you remember the BP Gulf Coast oil spill of 2010?

I’d just bet that there were a lot of scam artists that put in for repatriations from BP that they were not entitled to. That would be one safe bet. Every single time there is someone offering to pay repatriations there are a mob of people trying to get into their pocket.

Years ago a TV station staged a bus accident and taped a number of attempted thieves hopping on the damaged bus and getting off feigning injury. It was interesting to watch and some of the people that were confronted out and out admitted they were trying to beat the bus company out of money so it is highly unlikely that the BP repatriations all went to people that truly deserved repatriations.

Of course, I’d just bet that a number of the scammers forgot to take the long arm of the IRS into consideration and you can bet that every payment BP paid out over a certain amount was reported directly to the IRS.

Now, the IRS is not stupid and if the repatriation payments were based on their alleged income over the past few years then you can bet that the IRS is going to wonder why the recipient has not been paying taxes on that amount over the past several years.

April 15th is just around the corner and I’d just bet that there are going to be a number of recipients that are going to find themselves in a lurch pretty soon.

Too bad the media isn’t going to follow that lead as it would be interesting to watch. It would be fun to watch some scam artist squirm and squeal as he or she has to choose between having to cough up or be prosecuted for stealing money from BP.

To those of you that think ripping off oil companies is a cool thing to do, please tell me how much you enjoy paying as much as you do at the pump.

After all, theft like this has to be paid for somehow and the merchants get you to foot the bill through higher prices. Of course, you won't admit that part. You'll continue to whine about how the oil companies are ripping you off.

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