Monday, February 14, 2011

A trip to the doctors today

and as I was at the head of the line grumbling about being in my 60th year I commented on how fast time flies. I said to the person behind me that when I was here age I was 34. She looked to be in her 20s and acted offended.

Too damned bad. Mistletoe time. It is on my shirt tail. Use it.

Several years ago a 6 year old plowed into me in a store and I just shook my head and smiled. I then asked the kid how old he was and when he announced that he was six, I told him that when I was his age I was nine.

The kid had enough smarts to know I was pulling his leg, but the mother wanted to know how I got to be nine when I was only six. I tolds her that back in them thar old days we had to grow up faster. She bought it.

Over the years I have carried myself with a happy, upbeat, off-the-wall mein and I am not going to change. I have tried to make the world a better, more tolorable place to live in and there is always someone that tries to drag me down to their level of misery. Never fails.

In this world there are enough people that stand in line with a hard face grinding their teeth being angry and I am not going to cop to becomming one of them.

I have seen too many miserable people in this world and have had a hard time not letting the world grind me down and making me into another one of them.

I will continue to be upbeat and cheerful and I will continue to look at the world and it's quirks and be right there to point them out.

Back during my Army days, my CO once told me that I was a hard person to lead until he figured out that all I asked leadership for was to at least try and think a little and TRY to have things make a little sense. When he figured that out he later told me that I was one of the easier ones to lead.

Go figure. He's the one that promoted me to sergeant ahead of my time.

Then again, asking a lot of the human race to think is asking a lot.

As the years go on, I wonder if trying to make sense out of life and try make the world a little better place to live is worth it. I seriously wonder. Is the planet worth salvaging?

I see that as things progress that people seem to get more and more selfish and unable to deal with life's little frustrations. I ran that by the doctor as he was examining me and he pointed out that for about a month after 9-11 people were being kind and patient with one another.

The late John Wayne in a Playboy interview commented that the changing of the Hollywood system bothered him and that he was glad he wouldn't be around to see what it would become has hit me from time to time. SOmetimes I feel the same way about how the human race is changing. I'm in my 60th year and with any luck I won't see the human race implode.

I grew up and learned to live in an open squad bay with 25 other people and can still do so. Because I am outgoing you can bet that inside a day or two everyone will know who I am. They will also note that I am willing to pick up a broom or a mop to make it a little more livable place. What they won't notice is when I either come in late or get up at 3 am to pee.

Most people today can't seem to do that as they are too selfish or too stupid to know how to develop those skills. College kids today have their own rooms and don't even have to deal with a single room mate.

What is happening to this world when you can't comment on things as you see them?

I am also beginning to figure out that as I age, it is both a source of great joy and a source of great depression. The joy comes from looking back at what I have done and the depression comes from realizing that I am running out of time to do what I want to do with this life time.

Right now I am looking forward to spring and planting my garden.

I so want to see the flowers and the earth crawl out from under the snows and rejuvenate itself. I want to see the miracle happen again and the days grow in length and the world burst into new growth.

This year I am planting the garden with a passion because I have realized that this could be my very last spring and I want to see it as a season of great beauty. If it is not my last spring than I want to have it as a spring to look back on when I get too old to plant.

We're not going to be here very long and I have tried to make this a nicer place to live, but sometimes I don't feel to successful.

Pic, out.

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