Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back on the road to get to the water

OK, kiddies, fun's over.

Back to spin the wheels of industry and deliver oil so that people don't have to walk home and freeze in the dark.

Instead, they can drive home in a 4 mpg SUV, turn the thermostat up to 80, turn every light in the house on, tune in their TV in and than sit there and gripe about the awful oil companies.

Come Saturday they can go downtown to protest corporate greed and raise cain about that so that on Monday morning when they get back to work they can call the people that manage their 401s and gripe that the stocks in it are not doing well enough to make them happy.

WHile I am not going to say that corperations should be put on a pedastal like some saint, you have to remember that they tend to do what the stockholders want them to do which is make money for the stockholders.

There are an awful lot of 401K holders out there that have an awful lot of their money in stocks and I'd just bet that if they found that if one of the companies they have stocks in were spending money on humanitarian purposes (or whatever) that could have been dividends the CEO would be canned in a heartbeat.

If you took some of these people that bellyache about outsourcing and told them the company they hold stock in could give them greater dividends if they outsourced, you can bet you ass they would support it.

While I am not going to put the corporations up for sainthood, I will go so far as to say that they are simply following orders the stockholders give them.

I think an awful lot of the Wall Street protesters ought to look deeply at themselves as a part of the reason they are there protesting.

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  1. My 401k and IRA funds own shares in plenty of companies. I would rather they do NOT outsource/offshore jobs and keep Americans employed. This country is headed down the toilet with nothing but a service jobs economy.