Friday, October 28, 2011

I have been out of touch because I am working

on the part of the planet where there is no internet service. Still, I have taken time out to write at least something on a daily basis so that when I have the web back I will be able to catch up.

To me this is a terrible feeling because I have gotten quite used to making a post a day.

I do not know why this is but a day without a post is worse than a day without sunshine as I generally post regardless of the weather.

Sometimes I actually have something to say, others not so much but I still feel a need to at least make some sort of a post. Right now I am sitting on a tugboat off the shore of BFE where there is a lot of activity but no cell service I can get into and hence no internet. It is a frustrating feeling having a post ready and no way to get it out to the rest of the planet.

Sometimes I think that I do this because I am just another little guy that has no clout and no real voice. I am not alone, and I know it. To some extent our lives are controlled by big shots that are out of touch and I guess this blog is one place where I can speak out. Anyway it seems to settle me down a bit and that is a pretty good thing when you consider that like an awful lot of people out there I am not too happy with the big shots running things.

I guess that having a place to vent things like I do here is a whole lot better than carrying it around inside all bottled up. When people do that there is no wonder that they sometimes snap and go off the deep end. Holding too much in is just plain unhealthy.

I suppose that if I am running off at the keyboard here I am probably a lot healthier than a lot of people that are afraid to say what is on their mind so that's a good thing.
If this gets out it is because the deck hand has been successful with his attempt to get reception by doing something with tinfoil and wire.

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