Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is going to be a beautiful fall day

and I am going to enjoy a part of it.

I think I will get my household chores done early and then go and take the Mazda for a spin in some off the wall spot out in the boonies.

Still, there is lots here to be done. I have to whip this place into civilized shape and now I had better plan on starting to winterize things.

I looked out this morning as I do every morning to give thanks for being here and saw that my flowers are mostly dead. All of the zinniaa are brown and almost all of the marigolds on the western wall are brown, too but a few survive.

It is now fall and the leaves hhave started to turn and many trees are already bare. Soon it will be winter which is my least favorite season as I hate snow and I hate the cold.

Next time home I will fire up the snow blower and get that running. Ouch.

On the other hand, it beats shoveling that nasty stuff.

I think I am just going to post this and get about my business. I may add to it later.

It's later and the place got taken care of. I have the big set on now and I'm hanging out on a 40 meter net and just knocked another state off of my goal to QSO all fifty states. QSO Delaware. Cool.

Tomorrow I head off to spin the wheels of industry and I will likely be out of internet range for quite some time.

I'll have to play catch up. It sucks but I have to eat and that's where they are sending me, straight out to BFE.

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