Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A trip to Louisiana proved interesting recently as an awful lot of locals

don't sound like locals.I kidded one guy and told him he sounded like a displaced New Jersey longshoreman and we talked about how regional accents are disappearing fast, especially in built up areas.

I think modern communications has a lot to do with that as it exposes everyone to each other. When you couple that with a rapidly moving society there are likely to be language changes made all over the country.

A couple of the people I was working with down there was greatly amused when I brought the subject up, having been born and raised there, yet a hitch in the Air Force sent him to Minot, North Dakota and another guy spent a hitch with the Marines and spent quite some time in California and although both of them sounded a little southern, neither of them sounded a whole lot like what you would see in some TV ad for 'visit Louisiana' with that thick 'Swamp people Okra and Gumbo' accent.

In a certain sense here Louisiana seems to be a place all of its own. Looking through a couple of navigation charts and reading all of the names of places makes you feel like you are in some kind of foriegn country or a French posession of some sort. It is rather odd. It is the only place in the States I know of where some of the geographical subdivisions are called 'parishes' which I am pretty certain is a holdover from the French and the Catholic Church.

Still, I would not want to live here because if I did I would dress out at about 674 pounds or so because the food is great. I like the way they cook here and it is pretty damned hard on the old will power to pass up yet another huge pile of shrimp.

One of the things I have noticed, like I said earlier is that an awful lot of regional accents seem to be disappearing and with it a lot of regional charm. Being able to see that over the past 40 years is something that I can say is a good thing about aging. I have had enough time under my belt to see things change that change slowly.

I will be out of internet range with no warning so when that happens, expect no daily post. I do not know when but it is very likely to happen inside the next few days.

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