Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are your services worth?

I get pretty fed up when I listen to people try and make you believe that their services are worth more than they are. This attitude seems to fall into just about every walk of life.

A while ago I had to listen to a person in the oil industry gripe and moan about how underpaid he was.

His job consists of hooking up a hose and sitting on his fat ass for hours on end. When he has loaded the vessel, if it happens to be on his shift he unhooks the hose. Generally he either hooks it up or unhooks it bacause it takes quite some time to load, say, 50,000 barrels of oil. He sits on his ass all day and makes damned good money.

I wonder how much money he would want if he actually had to work?

I just got lucky and hit a patch of internet service. Cool!

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