Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is a Sunday morning and that means

Buscuits and gravy.

I just got up and have decided to have my all time favorite this morning.
I am presently trying to get some QSL card printed up for use specifically with the times I take the 320 with me to odd places. For those of you that don't know what that is, after 2 stations make contact if they decide they need confirmation of contact they swap QSL cards. Both senders fill out the information of the contact on the back.

Some guys have really colorful cards, and virtually all of them have their state and county on them I am going to leave the state and county off of th ones I am making for the 320 as I do not know where I am going to be sending from. Instead I'll write it in on the 'remarks' section.

In the space for the state and county I am simply going to have them put BFE which you can Google if you do not know where that is. Either that or check it out on the Urban Dictionary.
I think today will be a job of womanly chores because my mother isn't here to pick up after me.
Someone recently asked me how I managed to get so much out of my army hitch of a scant three years. The answer is simple, really. I put in for just about anything that I was eligible for. I'll write about that some time.

In short order I am returning back to work and from what the Jungle Telegraph tells me I AM heading to BFE for a tour and internet will be spotty. There will be days I will NOT be able to post but as I generally do I will catch up when we get into range.

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