Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterday was an 'abort mission'

and it is the first time this has happened too me in 20 years.

I had just gotten a couple of exits on the PA turnpike and got a call that things had backed up 24 hours. I whipped a 180 and returned home.

A night at home like that sort of sucks because I had, of course, ditched all perishables so dinner consisted of a pizza and 2 beers. That ain't right, but there was no use going shopping as I'd have to throw a lot of what I bought away.

I also had to call a couple of people to let then know I was home as they watch the place like a hawk when I am away. No use letting them see activity and call the police.
Seeing I had a little time yesterday when I got home I decided to see if I could dig up a 'Human Organs---keep refrigerated" box from the nearby hospital. I used the excuse that I wanted it for Halloween to put candy in for the kids.

The first person I asked had no sense of humor and I got a frumpy lecture but the doctor that overheard my request was on me like white on rice. He thought it was pretty funny. Then when I told him what I realy wanted it for (a lunch box) he roared. He tried to help because he thought it was pretty cool.

I guess the company that actually transports the various parts supplies most of the shipping containers so there were none to be had. Still it was pretty cool having a surgeon help me out.

It was there that I realized I had made another mistake by having the pizza guys schedule me a pie delivery. I had forgotten that you can get a damned good meal for short money in the hospital cafeteria. It would have saved me from a gassy bloated night if I had remembered that earlier.

I checked the cafeteria out and noticed that there were a few healthy choices but it seemed like there was an awful lot of grease on the menu. The fryer looked like it runs 24/7. No wonder so many health care professionals are so overweight.

Which reminds me of a cardiologist I had for a stress test a couple years ago. He had about 75 pounds of excess flab around the middle and a pack of Camel straights in his pocket.

I do not know why that is but it seems the majority of health care people do not look very healthy.

Most of the doctors, though are generally in pretty good shape. I wonder why that is?

Next time I get in a situation where I need a decent feed for short money I think I will sneak down here. I am not going to make a habit out of this, though because when you find a good thing and abuse it the good thing simply goes away. You have to be careful.

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