Monday, October 10, 2011

I finished up the back yard as far as knocking everything down goes

and now I only have a couple of hours of work left.

I have to pile the brush up and run the pile over about 5 or 6 times with the lawn mower. I''ll get to rake it all downhill as it was mainly the hill that needed tearing up. Not too bad.

The brush cutter died at the perfect time yesterday; it died as I cut through the last weed. Talk about luck!

After I finished I showered and put on a pair of slacks, a shirt, a mismatched tie, a tweed sport coat and a tweed snap brim cap. Dressed like an Irish squire of some sort I went for a gentleman's ride in the country.

If you ever get a chance drop into Volant, PA. It is an interesting little town.

I almost stopped at a place for a Guiness but because I had not eaten in a while decided against it. A single beer on an empty stomach can make a guy get pretty borderline fast.

One of the things that happens when you are dressed like a country squire is some people treat you differently. I noticed it yesterday and this reminds me of a night school class I took back in the day.

I was framing houses and often came to class right from work. One time curiosity got the best of me so I went home a little early from work and put on a jacket and tie and wore it to class.

Even the entire class saw how differently I was treated that night.

That was a pretty good class, the guy teaching it was a retired NYPD detective. Interesting man. I remember when class ended and I was getting ready to head to Alaska. He and I talked and I think he knew even then I was one of those people that was taking the road less traveled.

I wish I could have run into him after a couple of years in Alaska. It would have been interesting.


Yesterday I was in a shop scouting around. A little kid about three was standing in front of a counter but could not see over it. He was bouncing up trying and I looked at him.

"Want to go up?" I asked.

"Uh huh," said the kid.

So I looked around and saw his mother and nodded. "He wants to go up," I said and lifted him up grabbing him under the arms.

The kid saw what he wanted and when I put him down he said 'Thank you' and shuffled off. He was a good looking kid and it was refreshing to see good manners aat such an early age. SOmeone is doing their job well.

There were a couple of reenactors in Volant yesterday on some kind of a Lewis and Clark type of trip. One of them didn't know how to keep his mouth shut because you do not talk about poaching deer in PA unless you are Robin Hood and this guy wasn't.

Sometimes I think that if a guy just knew when to keep quiet he could get away with just about anything. Over the years I have asked a couple of cops hom many criminals talk themselves into jail and they all have had the same answer: Most of them.

Of course when this guy eventually gets popped he will wonder why.

Someone asked me if I would like to be young again and I said certainly not. Forty? Maybe but no younger than that. Then again, at 60 I suppose 40 is young. Who knows.

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