Saturday, October 22, 2011

One of the things that is now on the chopping block are military benefits

which comes as no surprise to me because congress generally makes cuts to people that have actually do something with their lives.

There have been talks about cutting military retirement benefits, social security, medicare and other programs.

Now all of this is probably all well and good because maybe they do need examination and rethinking every so often (everything needs this) but it sure seems to me that they are looking to stick it to the producers one more time.

How about if for now we put the military retirement cuts on the back burner for a while and look at a few other places to make cuts first.

How about if we stop giving billions and billions away to line the pockets of foriegn dictators and tribal leaders by eliminating the bulk of foriegn aid?

How about if we bring the gravy train that our elected officials aare riding to a screeching f***ing halt. One term in congress and a free ride for life isn't what the founding fathers had in mind here, and besides most of congress really doesn't earn their keep, anyway.

How about if we stop generational welfare and make those that are too stupid or lazy to support themselves either smarten up, toughen up or starve instead of keeping them in cell phones and bling?

After we stop giving everything away to the lazy and stupid, quit giving away billions to foriegners who laugh at us for doing this and get congress to take their noses out of the feed bag and quit voting themselves raises then maybe we can look at cutting benefits to those that produce or have produces in their lives.

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