Monday, October 24, 2011

From the reports I get the Occupy Wall Street crowd is going the way of

the Tea Party, but they seem to be going the way a lot faster.

They are rapidly splintering, a lot faster than the Tea Party did.

The problem with the Tea party is that they started out trying to go after runaway Federal spending and increasing taxes. Now this was supposed to the focus of the group but it didn't take a whole lot of time for everyone and their cousin with an entirely unrelated gripe to try and add it to the issue.

From what a person from Fort Myers, FL tells me the entire issue the Wall Street people are fighting fight now down on Ft Meyers is that they are raising hell over being booted out of the park. It seems to be the only issue the Ft Myers people are fighting over right now and the corporate greed issue appears to have been set adide.

What will happen to the Occupy Wall Street crowd is that they will drag the usual riders like abortion, gun control, welfare, etc into the platform and the group will implode.

The only way any grass roots organization (of any type) is going to succeed is by focusing on one single issue.

One thing at a time.


Be advised. I am most likely going out of internet range soon and ill not be able to post daily or maybe even for a week or so. There will be no warning. Sorry about that but I have to eat.

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